Finally, You Can Learn How to Become a Mermaid

If you've ever dreamed of pulling a reverse Ariel and transforming from a mere mortal into a glittery mermaid, prepare to quit your life and move to Europe. According to The Daily Mail UK, Sirenas Mediterranean Academy is the world's first mermaid academy, located in Tarragona, Spain. Yes, you read that right. As an apprentice of the academy, students will learn how to live out their fantasy of being a mythical aquatic creature by tackling major mermaid challenges like swimming with a tail and holding your breath underwater.

Students have the option of two courses. The first is the mermaid baptism level, which is geared toward beginners and is taught in a swimming pool. The second is the advanced level course which takes place on the beach. If this all sounds like a fancy, convoluted way of describing a swimming class, that's because it basically is. You can't actually magically turn into a mermaid, you guys. Still, the academy's classes are a fun way to pretend, while still getting in a really good exercise.

According to co-owner Alejandro Rodríguez Bosch, aquatic activity is one of the best ways to stay healthy. And that's where the faux-tail comes in. "Swimming with a tail makes large groups of muscles work together," Bosch told The Daily Mail. When your legs are constrained inside of the tail, you are more likely to work your lower back, gluteus, abdominal and lumbar muscles. Your arms get a pretty good work out, too, since you have to rely on your triceps, pectorals and back muscles to pull you through the water.

In addition to learning how to swim with a fin, students will also work on holding their breath underwater for longer periods of time, which is actually beneficial for our overall health. "Breathing like a mermaid facilitates the return of blood to the heart and the ventilation of the lung alveoli so the activity is a complete work of toning, strengthening and oxygenation," said Bosch.

And besides the whole "being good for your body" thing, the entire experience is just asking to be Instagrammed and posted on Facebook. The gorgeous mermaid tails come in all sorts of colors and are made from various materials. Translation: They look beyond amazing in photos. This sounds like the perfect activity for a bachelorette party, brides-to-be. If you want to learn more about the Sirenas Mediterranean Academy, head over to their Facebook and website.

Images: Sirenas Mediterranean Academy/Facebook