Coming To NYC: A Bar For Pregnant Women?

Many people are puzzled by the signage that appeared on an empty storefront last Thursday in NYC's East Village. Gestations: NYC’S First Bar for Pregnant Women is supposedly set to open on the corner of Ave A and E 5th Street. The bar-to-be has been raising eyebrows and suspicions amongst local reporters.

Of course, this can’t actually be a real bar for expectant mothers. So…what is it? A publicity stunt? A juice bar? A horrible idea? Even though, according to Bedford and Bowery blog, there is a notice of a pending liquor license taped to the store front, some believe that the bar will serve non-alcoholic beverages. Perhaps it will be a juice or coffee bar that offers beverages rich with folic acid and a side of endless grilled cheeses (yum).

Others have found the storefront to be a distasteful and offensive farce, aimed at promoting an app called Bartendr that is mentioned in all of the “bar’s” promotional material. Vocativ dubbed it “the lamest viral marketing campaign ever,” and it’s easy to see why. If Gestations is really just a unique advertisement for Bartendr, then they managed to piss a lot of people off and make even more roll their eyes.

The minds behind Gestation even rented a billboard on Times Square, which features a pregnant model popping a bottle of champagne with the slogan, “You’re drinking for two now.” Um…OK? Gestation social media has also published some mind-numbing tweets, such as

So…farce, marketing campaign, or stupid idea? The “bar” is set to open October 25, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Image: Facebook/Gestations