The Tetris Movie Is Coming: 7 Toys from Your Childhood That Would Make Worse Films

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It's official: We're getting a live action Tetris movie. If you're not one of the three people in the world thinking "FINALLY!" and are one of the millions thinking, "...why?" remember: It could definitely get worse. At least Tetris has an objective, some action. Plus, anyone who's ever fallen into a Tetris marathon knows, it can get really intense. When the pieces are piling up and all you need in the world is one of the long, skinny blue ones and you're getting the weird green Z-shaped ones over and over and over... the point is that at least, with Tetris, there's room for a little suspense and tension.

To keep things in perspective for you, here are 7 other toys from your childhood that will make way worse movies when Hollywood gets desperate enough to option them.

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