11 Politicians & Celebrities You Had No Freaking Idea Were BFFs

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Now, Hollywood and Washington have always been intertwined, whether it's actors who dabble in politics or politicians who rely on the support of entertainers to raise funds and boost their campaign. Either way, the mutual admiration between celebrities and politicians has formed countless crossover friendships over the decades.

There were the classic pairings, like Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy, and more controversial ones, like Marilyn Monroe and, again, the ever-popular JFK. Today, our own president, Barack Obama, has so many celebrity friends and endorsers that his Rolodex probably resembles an award show invitation list. Everyone from Beyoncé and Jay Z to George Clooney has fraternized with Obama, while his better half, Michelle, could probably claim even more celeb pals.

Then there are the unexpected friendships that you would have never expected in a million years (Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates?!). Somehow, whether it's through a shared love of a specific cause like climate change or sincere fandom (sometimes politicians get starstruck too), these unlikely pairs have gravitated toward each other, making the world a more interesting place.

Take a look at some of the celebrities and politicians you had no idea even knew each other, but are basically BFFs.

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