M&D Are Stylish Twins And Possibly The Most Adorable Toddlers On Instagram — 7 Times They Channeled Some Of The Most Fashionable Celebs

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As a twin, I've worn the same outfit as my sister quite a few times. Oh, the days of splashing in the pool in matching floral one pieces and pink sunglasses. Why do twins match? Because it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I mean, who can resist two little kiddos matching head to toe? And, because, you know, twinning!

But move over, Tess and Taylor Yocom — there’s a new set of stylish twins in town. “M&D” have taken matching to a whole new level by wearing the most adorable coordinated outfits ever. And their mom is kind enough to share their cuteness to the world on Instagram. From chambray to bowties and suspenders, they know how to turn heads. Seriously — they should be invited to every show at Fashion Week. If only Insta were around when I was a tot. Sigh.

They’re pretty much the most stylish kids on social media, but it looks like they’re getting inspiration from a few celebrities. From Pharrell’s fedora to Justin Timberlake’s suits, these kids know how to dress like the best in Hollywood. Or maybe these stars are so inspired by M&D that they decided to recreate their looks. It’s possible.

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