10 Vodka Cocktails To Celebrate National Vodka Day (Because Duh)

This is no ordinary day. No, October 4 is National Vodka Day, which means this is an extraordinary day. I mean, finally a pseudo-holiday I can get behind! Vodka was my drink of choice throughout my mid-20s, and I have great would-be memories from that time, so because I was feeling nostalgic, and because this is a day to be celebrated, I assembled these 10 recipes as an ode to my favorite hard liquor.

But that's not all — today also happens to be National Taco Day! I don't know whose brilliant idea that was, but the combination seems preternaturally designed to explode your intestines. So grab your Imodium, some El Pollo Loco, and let's get crunk!!! (Responsibly, of course.)

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Moscow Mule

And the Best Use of a Copper Mug and Ginger Beer in a Cocktail goes to… the Moscow Mule! It’s so good Oprah named it to her 2012 “Favorite Things” gift list. She endorsed it by saying, “I suggest drinking at least two when you’re at Yosemite trying to pitch a tent in the rain with Gayle King.” Oh, Oprah!

If you want a fresh take on the 73-year-old classic, try this easy-to-follow blackberry recipe.

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Put on your haute couture, stir up this Perfect Cosmopolitan, and sit around talking shit with your besties just like the Sex and the City girls. Obvi the most très chic way to celebrate National Vodka Day.

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Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop

Not only is the Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop festive enough to serve at your 4th of July or Memorial Day BBQ (hey, it’s never too early to start planning), it’s great any day of the year as a childhood throwback to everyone’s favorite frozen confection: Bomb Pop + vodka = adult perfection.

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Skinny Bitch

This drink was my jam! Mixing vodka with diet coke to make a Skinny Bitch is an excellent choice for low-cal boozing. But just make sure you have enough food in your stomach — it doesn’t matter what size you are, stumbling around drunk is never cute. Now that’s one lesson I wish I would’ve learned sooner… cringe.

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Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

There’s a thing called the BLT cocktail — typically some combination of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and vodka — and, of course, there’s the traditional Bloody Mary. But Seattle chef-turned-blogger Heather Christo was brilliant enough to unite the two for her Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys. It’s basically brunch in a glass — perfect for game day!

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A screwdriver can be as simple as one part vodka, two parts orange juice, or it can be altered to suit the imbiber’s taste buds in a variety of ways. A common twist is one part vodka, one part OJ, and one part orange soda. Other delicious variations include: the Sonic Screwdriver (which Doctor Who fans are sure to appreciate), the Aloha Screwdriver, and the Key West Screwdriver.

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Skittles-Infused Vodka

Tasting the rainbow isn’t enough if you can’t get a buzz?!?? OK, fine, I will enable you. This recipe for how to steep Skittles in vodka will leave you with five bottles of 80-proof candied sweetness and, most likely, a technicolor tongue.

For a more natural infusion, try this recipe for peach-infused moonshine.

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White Russian

The quintessential White Russian combines five parts vodka, two parts coffee liqueur (commonly Kahlúa), and three parts cream or milk. It’s the fraternal twin of the Black Russian — which is the same recipe sans cream, and therefore slightly lighter fare. However, I recommend throwing caution to the wind with this delicious White Russian Winter Milkshake.

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Triple Berry Vodka Martini

Yes, the textbook martini is gin and vermouth. But unless you’re a total purist, replacing the gin with vodka can be tasty alternative — even James Bond ordered more martinis with vodka than gin! And since vodka marries easily with lots of different flavors, it allows for playful deviations including: the Triple Berry Vodka Martini, Grapefruit Martini, and Caramel Cheesecake Martini.

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Sex on the Beach

If sex on the actual beach isn’t in the cards right now, then at least allow your mouth to get a little action. The sand-free Sex on the Beach is jam-packed with mouthwatering, fruity tastes of summer, so just close your eyes and pretend it’s not fall. I mean, Paul. Wait, no…

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