10 Vodka Cocktails To Celebrate National Vodka Day (Because Duh)

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This is no ordinary day. No, October 4 is National Vodka Day, which means this is an extraordinary day. I mean, finally a pseudo-holiday I can get behind! Vodka was my drink of choice throughout my mid-20s, and I have great would-be memories from that time, so because I was feeling nostalgic, and because this is a day to be celebrated, I assembled these 10 recipes as an ode to my favorite hard liquor.

But that's not all — today also happens to be National Taco Day! I don't know whose brilliant idea that was, but the combination seems preternaturally designed to explode your intestines. So grab your Imodium, some El Pollo Loco, and let's get crunk!!! (Responsibly, of course.)

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