Joe Giudice's Sentence Is In

by Lia Beck

The news has been pending for quite some time now, but now a decision has been made when it comes to Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice. According to E! News, Joe Giudice has been sentenced to 41 months in prison. E! reports that the Giudice's arrived in federal court in Newark, New Jersey at 9 a.m. on Thursday, and that they appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas an hour later. Teresa's sentencing is still pending.

The Giudices pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to conduct wire and mail fraud back in March after being charged with 41 counts of "various fraud and tax charges." According to NJ.com,

The fraud charges together carry a maximum penalty of 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines, but under federal sentencing guidelines, Joe's recommended sentence was 37 to 46 months; Teresa's, 27 months.

Additionally, Joe could face deportation following his prison sentence because he was born in Italy, and although he has been in the U.S. since he was a baby, he never became an American citizen.

NJ.com also reports that before his sentencing, Joe read a letter in court saying,

I stand here humiliated before the court and my family and society. I disgraced many people, including my wife and four daughters. I take full responsibility for my actions. I promise to be a better person.

The Giudices have four young daughters ranging in age from five to 13. This fact has lead many to wonder about the couple's sentencing seeing as prison sentences for both parents would mean leaving their children possibly for upwards of two years.

Teresa will be sentenced on Thursday as well, and we will update as information comes in.