Sarah Jessica Parker Found $4,700 On an NYC Sidewalk But Here's 8 Things Regular People Find, From Dead Snakes to Umbrellas

As if her life wasn't charmed enough, Sarah Jessica Parker found $4,700 on a New York City sidewalk on Thursday. Paparazzi snapped pics of the actress as she strolled down the NYC street only to find a check with a huge sum on it. Us Weekly didn't report what SJP did with the check (hopefully she didn't pocket it), but it's safe to say that that's a pretty amazing find. I lived in NYC for four years and didn't find so much as a dollar. But Parker isn't a normal New York resident, so I guess it makes sense that she wouldn't have a normal New York experience when walking down the sidewalk.

I mean, usually when a NYC street find makes the news it's that someone found a body. Like that woman found inside a suitcase in Harlem or that fetus in a trash bag in Queens. Seriously, SJP is luckier than she even knows to have found something not horrifying, let alone beaucoup bucks. So what does a normal person find on the streets of NYC? Thanks to oversharers on Twitter, we can get a glimpse of the strange things real people find on the streets of that concrete jungle—and it's never money.


In December 2013, pedestrians on 159th Street found a taxidermy deer shoved upright into a trash can. New Yorkers aren't phased by much, but that was a pretty odd sight and witness Viola Johnson had an appropriate reaction saying, "What the hell is a damn deer doing up here?" The world may never know.


I guess that is worth a lot. But recreational weed is also illegal there, so you shouldn't go picking it up.


Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A resident of the Lower East Side found a gravestone for a woman named Hinda Amchanitzky. So in a kind gesture took it to his home to get it off Fourth Street. “I didn’t think it would last long there until it got vandalized or dogs urinated on it,” John Lankenau said. “It once meant something to somebody. I just couldn’t imagine someone’s life sitting on the street.”


Yep. This is a way more accurate NYC find.


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Lots of dead things in New York City. This several-foot-long snake was found in Brooklyn in April 2013.


I may not have ever found money, but I can tell you what I have found a plethora of in NYC. So. Many. Articles. Of. Clothing. Including underwear. Which, like, ew.


Somewhere in NYC is a very unhappy baby.


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About two years into my time in NYC I started taking pictures of all the umbrellas lying in the city streets because it seemed like a weird anomaly unique to New York. At the end of my stay, I documented 20 discarded ones. That's almost one a month.

Basically you could add all this stuff together and it wouldn't even come close to equaling $4,700. I don't know how SJP did it, but I'm jealous.

Images: Getty Images (3); Molly Ball/Twitter; Us Weekly