This Cabbie Pinup Calendar Is 13 Kinds Of Sexy

Why buy a calendar full of adorable kitten photos, beautiful beachscapes, or classic art prints when you could have one that features images of New York's finest cab drivers...pinup style? Yep, you heard that right: the 2015 NYC Taxi Driver Calendar is officially for sale, and it's chock full of sultry "beefcakes".

Now, in the NYC Taxi Driver's Calendar — which is in its second year — you'll find photos of 13 of the city's "best-humored" taxi drivers, says the calendar's website. For only $14.99, you can purchase a calendar of your very own, or get a gift for someone special, and get to know the faces behind one of the most "dedicated workforces in NYC." Created by Philip Kirkman, a freelance creative director, and his fiancee Shannon McLaughin, a photographer, the calendar features three "All Stars" from last year (Darek, Dan & Jose), as well as 10 new cabbies, doing everything from cuddling with puppies (courtesy of the Animal Haven Shelter in Manhattan), to eating cookies at Levain, one of New York's favorite bakeries.

But enough talk, let's get a preview of this thing, shall we?

Want more? I thought so:

Even cab drivers can take sexy selfies.

The best part? A portion of each calendar's sale will go to University Settlement — one of America's oldest settlement houses in Manhattan — which serves over 30,000 immigrants, working individuals, and families with services like housing and education. Last year they raised over $40,000 in calendar sales.

OK, so maybe this isn't exactly what you were hoping for in a calendar, what with Beyoncé releasing hers and all (oh, you didn't know?). However, when it comes to supporting a good cause (and supporting the guys who drove me around the city last winter during that fateful Polar Vortex), I'm all about it. #beefcakes

To get an NYC Taxi Drivers 2015 Calendar of your very own, head over to the calendar's online shop.

Images: Courtesy of Shannon McLaughlin of