Are You On the Apple Store iPhone Selfies Blog?

Say what you will about our generation, but I don't think anyone will disagree that Generation Y is inhabited with its fair share of people who are overly concerned by the image they are projecting to the world (ie we are consumed by which Instagram filter conveys the most Beyonce-level flawlessness) via social media and other avenues — and I say that as a millennial who’s guilty of the very stereotypical behaviors bemoaned by our elders. As evidence, look no further than "Narcissism Today," a Tumblr by Gavin Schneider that publishes selfies taken on sample devices at various Apple Stores, which Schneider airdropped onto his phone. Schneider launched the project last August and has consolidated hundreds of self-taken snapshots on a single feed of cringe-worthy entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

Now look, none among us is infallible. The selfies, the technological reliance, the social media transparency of my every fleeting thought — these are all crimes of which I myself am guilty. Be that as it may, there are few things funnier or more interesting than the deconstruction of the asinine behaviors of Millennials...oh, and our parents too, apparently (though those are hilarious in a different way). I’d be lying if I told you all of the best photos were of young people trying to manipulate their own attractiveness. Some of the greatest snapshots are of old folks trying to figure out how to use the damn device, kids being, and general debauchery. Take a look for yourself below, and head over to Schneider’s blog to bask in a pool of human narcissism and hilarity.

"How the hell...?"

This is the second in a sub-series I've dubbed "chins."

Good photo!

Oh, okay.


Step away from the iPad, homegirl.

"How do you suppose..."

*Sighs heavily*

Beat still, my heart.

"Ah! SO cute! One more."

"One more."

"Love it. One more."


Images: Narcissism Today