If GIFs Determined 2013 Emmy Winners

With so many amazing series nominated for Emmys each year, it can sometimes be impossible to pick a horse. Do we feel okay rooting for Outstanding Comedy Series hoarder Modern Family? Or do the underdogs like Girls and Louie need our positive vibes? Perhaps the newly retired 30 Rock just be a shoe-in — sort of a series lifetime achievement award? And in the drama category, whatever shall we do? Shall we bow down to Ygritte's ability to wrangle Jon Snow like a helpless rag doll? Or should we honor the final days of Breaking Bad's beloved Mike Ehrmantraut? Is Homeland even GIF-able?

Well, we're about to find out. (And yes, people. Spoilers lie ahead. This is an Emmys post, after all.)

Outstanding Awkwardly-Moving Image from a Comedy Series

30 Rock: The Joy of Television

In the series' finale, Kenneth is revealed to be the man behind the story. He's running NBC in the future and, sweetly, acts as the embodiment of the joy of television.

The Big Bang Theory: Friendship, Bottled

Raj gets dumped at the end of Season 6, and thus, Raj gets drunk.

Louie: Life Lessons

This kid may have diarrhea-ed in Louie's tub, but at least he's got a good lease on life.

Veep: Where Not To Put Your Croissant

There's nothing quite like a Selina Meyer simile. We're just going to leave this one here for ya.

Modern Family: When In Doubt, Bank It All on Lily

This hit family comedy may have lost its once-great comedic touch, but when it comes to Cam and Mitch's little girl, the laughs keep coming.

Girls: You Go, Sho

"I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued." Damn straight, girl. These are words we can all live by.

Winner: Based on sheer audacity, the victory has to go to Veep and the incomparable Selina Meyer. Nothing makes a comedy GIF worth using over and over again like a truly shocking bit of hilarity.

Outstanding Awkwardly-Moving Image From a Drama Series

Breaking Bad: Happy, Happy Mike and Kaylee

One of the hardest things about watching the first half of Breaking Bad's fifth season was losing Mike Ehrmantraut. But before he "went to Belize" he had this goofy little moment playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with his granddaughter Kaylee — a sweet moment before a bitter end.

House of Cards: Saltiness Will Get You Everywhere

Poor Janine got screwed out of her position as top dog at the fictional version of the Washington Post from this Netflix non-TV-show, but at least she has what is by far the best, and saltiest GIF in HoC history. (Okay, so it's only been a season. So what?)

Game of Thrones: That's Not a Threat, This is a Threat

The HBO fantasy staple had some real opportunities for female empowerment this season (between Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys alone, we've got a lot to work with), but no moment was as hilariously satisfying as Ygritte's hold on the fair Jon Snow. Damn, lady.

Downton Abbey: Damn That Branson and His Crocodile Tears

I know we're mostly going for funny here, but if your heart doesn't just break all over again for poor ol' Branson, then there is definitely something wrong with you.

Homeland: The GIF Inspired By The Real Thing

Look, Homeland doesn't exactly make great GIF fodder — unless you're a big fan of watching Carrie be taken away in the Season 1 finale over... and over... and over. Let us instead consider the glorious GIF that exists because of Homeland: Anne Hathaway doing her best Carrie on SNL.

Mad Men: The Reigning GIF Champion

Where do we even begin? After settling on the classic GIF of Pete Campbell falling down the stairs, we almost have to wonder if it'd be worth it to rig these nominations so that Mad Men could have multiple entries for moments like Ken Cosgrove's drunk-induced dance, Don Draper saying "I love puppies," or even Roger getting punched in the stones by Danny Strong. But alas, we only get one. So here it is, the best GIF of Mad Men's incredibly GIF-able year:

Winner: Ygritte put up a good fight and watching Mike tinker with toys before Walt killed him is precious, but watching Pete Campbell fall down the stairs? That's GIF gold.

All in all, let's just agree it's probably a good thing they don't let Tumblr judge the Emmys — although that might be the only thing that could end Modern Family's unfair winning streak.