19 Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch That Will Make You Want To Join His Fandom

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Are you prepared to feel super angry at the BBC? If not, brace yourself for this little fact: The BBC didn't think that Benedict Cumberbatch was "sexy" enough to play the role of the titular detective on Sherlock. Tell that to the Internet's many, many obsessed, self-professed "Cumberbitches" and they might just laugh in your face — and with good reason. Not only does Cumberbatch ooze sexiness on his BBC series (he snatched up that role despite the haters at the network — it worked out) but he recently starred as Alan Turing in the biopic The Imitation Game, and is already receiving a considerable amount of Oscar buzz for the role. But whether the Academy sees Cumberbatch as the winner he is, his fans always will — let's celebrate Cumberbatch with the following batch of glorious photos.

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