Aaron Paul and RJ Mitte Celebrate Something Big

After the nonstop intensity of Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad, it's nice to hear some lighter news about the show. Stars Aaron Paul and RJ Mitte, who play Jesse and Walt Jr. respectively, both celebrated birthdays this week, in different but equally wonderful fashions.

Paul, who turned 34 on Aug. 27, didn't publicly announce any plans for his birthday celebration, probably choosing to spend the day in private newlywed bliss with his wife, Lauren Parsekian. He did send this tweet, though, which solidified his image as coolest guy ever:

Earlier in the day, he tweeted a link to an amazing video of Hank and Marie "watching" the Miley Cyrus VMA performance, so we'd have to guess he's having a pretty good day.

On Wednesday, Aug. 21, Paul's Breaking Bad co-star, RJ Mitte, turned 21. The always-surprising actor (remember when he posed shirtless in whips and chains?) didn't seem to share Paul's desire for privacy, as he invited all 51,288 of his Twitter followers to his birthday party. Judging from the updates and photos Mitte consistently posted, the Las Vegas event, held at the Palms Casino Resort, looked like it was an appropriately crazy 21st birthday celebration. Highlights included go-go dancers, an appearance by Lupe Fiasco, and an amazing cake:

Mitte seemed to be taking full advantage of the privileges that come with turning 21, posting several photos of him drinking with friends, including one of a bottle of Jack. We hope the caption of "4 shots to start the day an 17 to go ;)" isn't serious, but with Flynn ... you never know.

Mitte also posted a photo of his birthday breakfast, which, in typical Breaking Bad fashion, consisted of eggs and a "21" made out of bacon. He also tweeted back and forth with Luis and Daniel Moncada, the twins that played the Salamanca cousins on the show, promising to "drink a cold one" with them at his birthday party.

He even sent tweets to Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Betsy Brandt, and Dean Norris, telling Paul that "now we can gamble together without me having to sneak into the casino" and Norris that "I'm now legal to party with you!!!"

Oh, Flynn. The day is far from over, so it's still possible that Aaron Paul's birthday celebrations will grow crazy enough to rival Mitte's, but we're not holding out much hope. As for that Breaking Bad cast-filled casino night Mitte tweeted about? Please, please let that become a reality.