This is How Often Guys Change Their Sheets

UK mattress company Ergoflex has confirmed what we'd feared all along… most guys change their sheets on a disturbingly irregular basis. In their "horrifying" new survey, the company reveals that 55 percent of single men between the ages of 18 and 25 change their sheets no more than four times a year. That would be once every three months. (Guys, the scruffy look may work for some of you, but it doesn't apply to sheets.)

At the other end of the spectrum, 62 percent of women aged 35-50 changed their sheets once a week. Women changed their sheets on average roughly every two weeks. And while couples tended to changed their sheets on average every 2.3 weeks, that was no thanks to the men. Among heterosexual couples, women reportedly did the linens laundry 81 percent of the time (ahem, take note husbands and boyfriends). But don't think that guys always get away with their hygiene-lacking habits. Seventeen percent of the men surveyed admitted that their sheets were nasty enough to "put off" a prospective partner.

Sure, this survey was conducted among British participants, but something tells me that guys on this side of the pond aren't doing a whole lot better (anyone remember those black light tests on Room Raiders?)