Why You Should 'Ship Gina & Boyle

Ooooooh. Yet again on last week's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine , Boyle and Gina hooked up and their mutual walk of shame is sure to come this Sunday. If you caught the Season 2 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine last week, you've found that two characters got to know each other a little better in a naked kind of way, and it wasn't Jake and Amy. While part of me wants to cheer Boyle on for moving on from his previous romantic mishaps and Gina for celebrating her inner lady wolf, I have to say, I didn't see it coming. It was such a shock because they were the last two in the precinct that I imagined getting together, but then I thought, "wait, maybe this is brilliant." Boyle and Gina just might be the most logical pairing since Hitchcock and Scully. Does anybody else think Goyle just might work? I 'ship it.

Don't agree with me? Just think about it. The two share a lot of similarities in terms of storytelling and in the characters' lives. It only makes sense that the pair get together. They're both a little nutso, although that seems to be a recurring characteristic for all the characters in the show. Still, not only could I see it happening, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. Let's face it, dating is weird these days. Sometimes you gotta see where life takes you. I say, good job, Gina. Good job, Boyle. Congrats on the sex.

Gina & Boyle both know how to eat

Let's be real. A couple that eats together could definitely, maybe stay together. Right? Hear me out. We already learned through Boyle's previous romantic escapades that food really works for him. He's even a connoisseur of foods. And Gina, well Gina likes the finer things in life, like good food and a luxurious bathroom. Boyle could give her that in the form of good food and good lovin'. They both deserve it.

They both have inflated egos

Whether it's about his loyalty to Jake or his work as a cop, Boyle's pretty ready to brush the dirt off his shoulder. And Gina, the queen of Kwazy Cupcakes, is well aware that she's way classier than any of the peasants that might come her way. The two of them could really bond/fight over that shared quality. And you know what? Couples who are proud of who they are have been more than successful in the past. Jay Z and Beyoncé, anyone? How 'bout Chuck and Blair? Sure, it's been a little rocky, but we can't deny that it's worked out in their best interest in the end.

Gina & Boyle are pretty weird, and Weirdos stick together

Finally, Gina and Boyle are kind of the weirdest cats in the precinct. They deserve to be in a relationship where they feel comfortable to let their freak flags fly with no judgment.

So maybe they shouldn't be screaming out of shame, but instead screaming, "hell yeah!" They could go on to have little awkward, food-obsessed, luxurious bathroom-loving babies and live happily ever after. OK, I'm probably stretching it on that one, but Gina and Boyle definitely have potential.

Images: John Fleenor/Fox; Giphy (5)