Demi Lovato's Character on 'Glee' Will Fall In Love With Santana Lopez

A ton of things happened at the MTV Video Music Awards, you guys. So much, in fact, that we're already a little tired of talking about them. We've exhausted ourself in a binge of Miley Cyrus and boy bands, and along the way we almost didn't notice some really nice TV news we'd have been sad to miss: Demi Lovato's confirmed to be playing Santana Lopez's love interest in Season 5 of Glee.

Glee's had a tragically bumpy start going into Season 5, but now they've announced some love in the air that will maybe help to diffuse some of the sadness. Naya Rivera announced Lovato's role during an interview at the VMAs, saying that "She's playing my love interest. Im very, very excited about it."

Lovato was first reported as cast in the FOX show a couple weeks ago and now it's been discovered that she will be playing Dani, a friend of both Rachel and Santana and a burgeoning lover of the latter. Rivera also revealed that the duo sing a Beatles song together upon their first meeting, to take place during the second half of the Beatles tribute episodes the show has planned.

Lovato is only signed on to appear in six episodes of the show, so sadly, there's a sizable chance the romance will be short-lived. Regardless, we're always pretty psyched when former Disney stars go on to play LGBT characters, and we just get the feeling Lovato's belt will go great with Rivera's rumble.