Tyra's Makeup Line Is Just As Fierce As You'd Hope

When Tyra Banks’ social media accounts and website were mysteriously shut down and replaced with a puzzling clock counting down to the arrival of “something fierce,” everyone was a little perplexed. What exactly did the supermodel mogul have up her always fashionable sleeve? Firday, the world got it’s answer — and yes, it is fierce. Tyra Banks has her own beauty line – TYRA Beauty. Ah, sorry, I meant her own Beautytainment line. That would be beauty + entertainment, in case you're feeling a little slow. Because whenever Tyra does something, you know the woman’s just gotta invent a new word to go with it.

Love her or hate her, ya gotta admit that Banks knows her business. “Do you know how good it feels to finally be able to tell the world why I attended Harvard Business School?!” she told People Magazine. Gotta give the girl credit where credit is due. The TYRA Beauty line is a rather impressive venture. Using the skills she picked up through her years of being the modeling world’s go-to gal to create the collection, Banks admits that much of her cover girl success was thanks to a smart streak of eye-enhancing luminizers and some expertly-placed blush. "I don't wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones — I paint them on!" she says.

Built on the belief that makeup is “the great beauty equalizer,” the products from the supermodel’s collection aim to help women enhance their own personal version of beauty and realize that they too have the power to be fierce. The collection is comprised of three sections. The first — TYover — features easy-to-use makeup sticks that are effortlessly blendable and will completely contour a face into supermodel perfection in six minutes or less. The Smize section includes products for — you guessed it — enhancing those come-hither eyes. Finally the It-Factory section features products ripped from the runway that focus on bringing out the pout of those rosy lips.

Now here’s the kicker: The makeup line will be sold by independent sellers who can peddle the glossy wares to their friends at makeup parties and online. Sooo like a Tupperware party...? While I’m definitely not a fan of those Mary Kay-type of pyramid sales schemes, I gotta say I’m definitely intrigued by the products and gotta hand it to Tyra for wanting to bring entrepreneurship to everyday women ("I’m a business, man. And you can be, too!" she says, presumably doing her own version of the Oprah And you get a car! And you get a car!) Plus, I really want me some supermodel cheekbones. Check out some of fiercest looks from Queen Tyra herself and see how to get them with the products from the line.

1. A Matte Red Lip

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The matte look is ultra chic, but sometimes a girl just wants options! Tyra's Suede & Juicy Lip Color ($32) gives you just that. It's double-sided so if you change your mind halfway through the night, you can go from fashion-forward matte to sexy shine quicker than you can say "fierce."

2. Sky-High Cheekbones

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those sculpted cheekbones are what made Tyra famous. Get 'em for yourself with a quick swipe of her Sculpt in a Stick ($24), a super silky contouring formula and Light in a Stick ($26), a sexy, shimmering luminizer. Tyra offers both products in her 2 Minute TYover kit ($34.50) and 6 Minute TYover kit ($74.50) for ultra-chiseled cheekbones and the fiercest of features.

3. Smize-able Eyes

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just a little bit of eyeliner and you can't help but notice Tyra's trademark peepers that lead to the creation of a whole new word. If you're like me and just a bit clumsy (read: a hot mess), Tyra's Oops Liner ($26) is your saving grace. Not only is it dark and pigmented, but it's double-sided with an eye makeup corrector so you can quickly clean up any mistakes.

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