Does Being Pro-Fur Make Sense In 2014?

Oh Nylon… So fresh. So edgy. So provocative. Soooo occasionally oblivious. In possibly what is the most un-selfaware campaign I’ve seen in quite a while, Nylon Magazine is decidedly Pro-Fur. If you didn’t know that was a thing, well it (unfortunately for our furry friends) is. In a tweet that PETA will presumably soon be up in arms about, Nylon posted their support of the #FurNow campaign by Fur Federation, tweeting “Think fur is just for grandmas? Think again. Here’s how @we_are_fur is making #FurNow happen.” If you look up the link to those hashtags, it leads to a thoroughly cringey website pushing the fur industry. It mentions that many communities in the world are supported solely on the fur trade. However, it doesn’t go into much detail about how exactly the fur "We are Fur" uses is obtained (i.e. how are all the cute little bunnies are killed). So. That’s probably bad.

A lot of people are really pissed and many are just baffled by Nylon’s blasé attitude regarding the whole subject, as they quickly deemed fur as “real luxury” without much thought to the ethics behind it. But, hey, screw ethics as long as you’re looking like an old-timey heiress, amiright?!

"Jackets, bags, and shawls featuring fur accents are currently hitting stores (and we all saw those incredible full-length jackets all over Fashion Month), just in time for the seasonal cool down. In fact, fur's favorite demographic includes the forward-thinking and the savvy, all of whom are excited to take the timeless trend and make it totally relevant."

Are you cringing yet? Because, I mean, yikes… Come on, it’s the twenty-first century, people! Ya got options for your fuzzy, furry, luxurious needs! Faux fur is totallyyy hot right now and to prove it to you, I complied some luxe looks below because animal cruelty is so not a fashion statement.

1. The "Miru" Faux Fur Scarf from Anthropologie

2. This Graphic Faux Fur Cardigan from Topshop

3. Nasty Gal's Classic "Greenwich" Coat in Wine with Faux Fur Trim

4. Kristen Blake's Faux Shearling Coat with Faux Fur Hood from Nordstrom

Though this is my latest purchase, so I might be just a wee bit biased...

5. This Retro and Shaggy "Wanderlust" Cardigan from Nasty Gal

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