Is Apple About To Change Fashion?

It seems like Apple is taking over the world — from computers, to phones, to television, to watches, and now fashion. Wait, what? The new iPhone 6 Plus launched this month, featuring a much larger design that is simultaneously great for our eyes and terrible for our pockets. But don't despair, because fashion companies are redesigning pockets to fit the iPhone 6 Plus. Because you don't alter Apple to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Apple.

The iPhone 6 plus is five and a half inches, considered more a "phablet" than mobile phone. But the larger version has created a problem for clothing designers, who are trying to find a way to accommodate the product without it being suspiciously visible to pickpockets. This is particularly troublesome for women's clothing, because there is simply less fabric to work with. American Eagle and J. Crew are considering deeper pockets for a new women's line. They hope the restructuring will allow their clothing to be functional with the way their customer's live their daily lives. And what's more important to our daily lives than our smart phones?

But finding the balance between practical and flattering will be a task, because no girl wants her behind padded with deep sagging pockets and a bulging phablet.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I'm not really sure whether to be impressed or afraid. Apple's influence is so extensive that it has the ability to change fashion, which has always been thought to be one of the most influential industries itself. Who knows, maybe the restructuring will create a new trend, be the skinny jeans of 2014 and deep set pockets will pop up on the runways at fashion week. But personally, I think this is going a little far. Since Apple comes out with a new phone every year, we can't constantly adapt everything to it's constant regenesis. I vote we keep our pockets and design some larger phone cases instead. Problem solved.

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