Is Quinn Carrie's New Love Interest?

I know love interests are a silly thing to get bogged down with on a show like Homeland, but my gooey romantic heart just can't help it. After watching the Homeland Season 4 premiere, Carrie and Quinn seem like they just might be the show's next big couple. Plus, Claire Danes and Rupert Friend's chemistry is off the charts — and let's be real, the showrunners are not going to leave us hanging here. This is a show that decided to base much of its second and third seasons over the fact that Carrie and Brody were allegedly "soulmates." With all that in mind, I'd hazard a guess that Carrie and Quinn have actually been a long time in the making.

I mean think about it: This season opens with Carrie more morally bankrupt than ever, and guess who's her conscience? Quinn — and he's actually been her voice of reason for much of his tenure on the show, especially if you take a second look at the Season 3 finale. After all, Carrie needs someone to anchor her, and why not have it be Quinn, the conscientious hitman?

Even I can't jump straight to conclusions based off of tonight's premiere, but I do know this: their scenes together were among the most fascinating of a quite fascinating episode. They were filled to the brim with loaded questions, meaningful looks, and artful deflections. And did anyone else think their airport hug was a little... off? I mean, neither's exactly the hugging type, and what followed was just as tension-filled and awkward — he tries to talk to her about the bombing, reminding her that he's familiar with the self-loathing that comes with "checking names off a kill list for a living," but she manages to dodge his questions. Then, moments later, the tables are turned and in a rare sincere moment, she asks him why he didn't come with her to Kabul — he rather conspicuously does not answer.

Watching them together is like watching a judo match where everyone gets their own momentum used against themselves — and don't even get me started on their last scene together. When she blows up at him, the look on his face is not quite anger, not quite sadness — it's disgust with a little fear mixed in, and he's right to feel that way. Whether they end up romantically involved or not, I sure hope Quinn sticks around to help keep Carrie tethered to reality: she's going to need it.

Image: Joe Alblas/SHOWTIME