She Takes Her Hair Very Seriously, Guys

Taylor Swift has thought deeply about the hairstyles of Taylor Swift. At least, that's how it seems from watching this behind the scenes video of Taylor Swift in her British Vogue cover shoot for the upcoming November issue. Sporting an extreme wet-look hairstyle, Swiftie engages in friendly banter with photographer Mario Testino about '90s nostalgia, the subject matter of her newest album 1989, and the iconography of her bangs.

In reminiscing with Testino about her first cover shoot for Vogue, Swift recalls getting bangs for the first time on that very day. "When people look back on that album and that touring cycle, they'll think of that hairstyle." Ah, the symbolic power of pop star hair. When Testino asks about particular looks for 1989, Swift replies — "Well, I cut my hair, so I've never had short hair before. That's a big theme in the album." Alright, Taylor. Sure, why not? Go with that...

Basically, for anyone speculating on the dominant themes of Taylor Swift's latest musical opus, here they are, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth: Katy Perry (we think), f*cking the haters, and most significantly, HAIR! Because obviously, she's the only starlet ever to cut her hair into a long bob.

Sure, I get that she's talking specifically about the look for her album, and not its actual content. That doesn't negate the fact that this sound byte will forever make me happy. The idea of structuring an entire album around a haircut kinda sounds like something Swiftie would do. Just imagine it: a full EP chronicling the trials and tribulations of her life, marked by changes in her hair. We'd follow her in a musical journey through seminal mane stages. From the Rapunzel-length wild blonde curls of yore, to the straight-across bangs, to the long bob, to the Something About Mary-Style wet look for Vogue UK. The title? Taylor Swift: An Autobiography in Bangs.