The iPhone 6 Now Comes With A New Feature

Introducing iHair, a snazzy new feature to the iPhone 6 that gives out unwarranted hair cuts. In the Twitterverse, it is being called #hairgate and is just another addition to the iPhone 6 debacle that was once coming for your pockets. Business Insider reports that iPhone6-ers have taken to Twitter saying that the seam between the glass screen and aluminum back of the iPhone6 is snagging their precious locks. So, that pre-fall haircut that you've been pondering on now comes thanks to the newest Apple product.

The release of the iPhone 6 brought on some much needed beauty features for its loyal users: timed selfies gives that stretched forearm a break, Facetime HD helps you find the right light for digital date nights, and picking your top five selfies out of the 100 you took becomes easier with the favorite option in photos. But, a personal barber was not one of the features that Tim Cook unveiled at Apple last month, and neither was #bendgate – the popular hashtag surfing the 'net that people are using to complain about the fact that their iPhone 6 Plus' are bending while in their pockets.

The hair cut feature is preying upon ladies and gents, trimming everything from beards to heads of hair. Obviously, it is inconvenient, but users are also saying it's quite painful. On 9to5Mac, a website on Apple Intelligence, a community author for the site writes, " gets stuck and when you try to free it out, it hurts." Maybe it's time for Apple to unveil iPain?