33 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Curvy Ladies Attending Autumnal Nuptials This Fall

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There comes a time in all our lives when all of a sudden everyone we know is getting married. It will usually occur at any point in your 20s or 30s, and it can catch you completely and utterly off guard. One moment, you're enjoying marathoning Orange is the New Black with your partner, pleased that Netflix is such a wonderful bonding activity. And the next, you're scrolling through your Facebook feed, acutely aware that there is a new wedding engagement or announcement almost daily. For me, it's happening now.

I know summer is supposedly the peak of wedding seasons. People crave the sunny days and blooming flowers and sometimes even the scorching humidity (why?!). But it's now, in autumn, that I've noticed a particular increase in wedding invitations. Seriously, I've been invited to all-white-weddings, fairytale-themed weddings and a super formal (like "you have to wear a ball gown" formal) NYC events. And with that departs another piece of my child self. It's officially time to be a grown-up.

That said, I'm pretty glad this is happening now — as in autumn — because fall fashion is just so splendid. And when it comes to shopping plus-size fall dresses, there is no shortage of occasion-specific options. So whether you've been invited to a Hawaiian-themed or semi-formal nuptial affair, or an all-out-glam-fest, there's a beautiful dress to be worn.

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