Michael Phelps Is Working On His Recovery Post-DUI & We Should Let Him

It was announced early Sunday that Olympian Michael Phelps would be entering rehab following a DUI. "I’m going to take some time away to attend a program that will provide the help I need to better understand myself," the swimmer wrote in a tweet from that morning. More about Phelps' recovery program has surfaced now, including the fact that it's six weeks long and inpatient.

From a statement by Octagon, Phelps' sports agency:

A similar show of support came from Chuck Wagner, the USA Swimming Executive Director, who said this:

For any person who's reached the point of entering a rehabilitation space there's a lot of pressure, but I have to imagine that pressure is magnified by the kind of public attention a figure like Phelps attracts. He's apologized for the "lapse in judgment" that led him to drive drunk, and now he's going about the work of bettering himself.

My advise for those who don't actually know Phelps is to take these six weeks to not keep track of his every movement — just let him work through what he's gotta work through. Recovery's hard enough, it's gotta be all the harder with millions of eyes watching to see if you fail.