10 Halloween Cocktails To Serve This Holiday, No Floating Eyeballs Or Fake Fingers Necessary

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When it comes to serving up some boozy fun this time of year, Halloween cocktails can get pretty outrageous — think ghoulishly green witches' brews, fake floating fingers, and just about anything with blue curaçao. While these drinks are all fun and games, it's possible you might be looking for something a little… simpler to toast with at this year’s costume party. Don't get me wrong — you can still keep your beverages Halloween-themed, but they don't have to be, well, gross-looking. So put your flammable Bacardi 151 back in the pantry, and try out a Halloween cocktail that won’t make your friends gag.

From pumpkin spirits to vanilla bean whiskeys, these beverages cover all the classic fall flavors, and bring in a few adventurous new ones as well. Beer, wine, hard liquor, or Jello shots... it's your party, you can drink what you want to (and you don't want to drink anything that has mysterious body parts in it, even if they are fake). Keep your decor spooky, but not your ingredients— your guests will be thankful. (Trust me: I made Goblet of Fire Cocktails one year... no one was happy about that decision the next morning.)

Image: Rick Chung/Flickr

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