She Has Some Huge, Huge Baby News!

Stop what you're doing and check your Gossip Girl blasts because a former star of the insanely popular CW show is now on Baby Watch. Blake Lively is pregnant with her first child and the way she announced it was just so her. We've all heard of Lively's Lifestyle website Preserve, even if it's just in relation to Martha Stewart's shade-throwing in its direction, but now we have another reason to check it out. Lively posted the first photo of her baby bump to Preserve and it's a gorgeous celebration of Fall and family.

The message that Lively posted to Preserve seemed so innocent at first. Accompanied by pictures of baby clothes — including onesies and adorable little booties — alongside pictures of women holding their baby bumps and laughing with one another, the message read:

Preserve at its core is about family. Family is the single word our founder, Blake built this home on. We have something for men, for women, for the old, but we realized, we don’t have anything for the new. With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all—to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family.

Today we celebrate them. With food to fill their tummies (as if that needs more filling), presents to soothe their tired (and swollen) soles, toys to warm their baby’s souls, projects to provoke them, and decorations to inspire creativity and merriment in all. We had too much fun with this. Because there’s so much to share, we break up our first ever Preserve Celebration into multiple parts. In the upcoming days we will bring even more treats and fun. The entire next month will be sprinkled with highlights for women in this exciting chapter of their lives.

Congratulations to all the expecting mothers out there. And thank you for being a part of our Preserve family.

At the bottom of the gallery of photos was a picture of Lively herself with her hands on a baby bump that none of us saw coming. She is expecting her first child via husband Ryan Reynolds and from the looks of that party then her baby is going to be the most stylish newborn on the block.

This Preserve post promises to be only the first in a series of celebrations of motherhood and family, so I hope it comes along with more photographs of Lively, Reynolds, and their soon-to-be little one. Until then, this gorgeous shot taken by her brother, Eric, will just have to tide us all over.

Image: Preserve