Proof 'The Originals'' Daniel Gillies (AKA Elijah) Has The Most Perfect Eyebrow-Raise — An Essential For Original Vampires

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Eyebrows are the window to the soul — did I get that wrong? Sorry, I was too busy being mesmerized by The Originals ' Daniel Gillies' perfect brows and even more perfect (and inimitable) eyebrow raise. Gillies' Originals' character Elijah Mikaelson is one hell of a badass, but he'd be less so without the 38-year-old actor's signature eyebrow raise that's both so wicked but so attractive that you can't help but love him. Even if he terrifies you. On Monday, The Originals Season 2 premiere will air on The CW, finally, after an extremely long summer without it and Gillies' brows.

And while I'm obviously excited to root for Halijah to make it through Season 2 and the possibility of Rebekah's return, I'm even more excited for the return of Daniel Gillies eyebrow raise. Because it's pretty damn perfect.

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