Mariah Made a Pretty Telling Lyric Change

Oh snap. Mariah Carey is not holding back when it comes to her emotions about her impending divorce from husband Nick Cannon. The singer made headlines when she added some original lyrics to her set during a concert in Japan. While covering Billie Holiday's "You Don't Know What Love Is," Mariah Carey sang "I know you cheated motherf--ker." Well gee, who could that be about? It's no secret that Carey and Cannon are divorcing. They have been caught in a swirl of rumors and negative press, and there appears to be very little effort to keeping this split amicable.

The now-defunct duo did not even release one of those textbook Hollywood breakup statements, so that should have been a sign that things were going to be nasty. In a move that surprised everyone, Cannon spoke to The Insider reportedly announcing, "There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months." This was amid rumors that Carey believed Cannon had been cheating on her. Cannon actually denied giving the interview in a series of tweets about how he won't talk about his marriage — which was ironic seeing as the tweets were several statements that did talk about the state of his relationship.

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Maybe Carey was ready to share her side of the story after Cannon took the liberty to announce their separation? It probably would have been hypocritical for her to make a statement on her own since she reportedly hit Cannon with a confidentiality agreement which "bars him from sharing details of their divorce" or else he'll face "severe financial penalties." Perhaps the additional song lyrics were a way for Carey to let her thoughts be known without blatantly speaking out about the divorce.

Normally I love it any time Carey chooses to throw shade, but I hope this is the last time she does that in regard to her separation. She and Cannon are still trying to resolve the split in some way and it is rarely a good idea to speak out in the middle of a trying time. Maybe after all of this is done she can reflect in a more rational manner. She has a family to think about and with everything documented on Internet she doesn't need the twins growing up to read about drama between their parents. They should only be googling Carey musical performances to watch their mama hit some high notes — not to hear her curse and make negative comments about the father.

It's sad to say, but it seems like the drama has only just begun. Even when Carey and Cannon are technically "not saying anything about their marriage" they are alluding to it in performances and social media posts. They both must have a lot of emotions right now that they want to share with the world, but these little outbursts are not the answer.

Check out the concert footage around the 4:30 mark to hear Carey's lyric change.

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