Who Is Coco Rocha's Husband, James Conran?

By now you have heard the fashion world's good news, right? Canadian model Coco Rocha is pregnant and expecting her first child with her hubby, British-born muralist James Conran, whom she married on June 9, 2010. Congrats to the happy couple! Rocha, 26, and Conran seem cray cray in love, judging by his social media feeds and every pic we've ever seen of the lovey-dovey duo. Cue the Beyonce song, will ya? So who, exactly, is James Conran, the man who won Rocha's heart and who is her baby daddy to be?

Well, a cursory glance at his IG shows us that he has pretty flawless hair, is known to rock a well-manscaped beard here and there, and has good, really white teeth. So the baby is definitely getting a double shot of good genes. More importantly, he is an artist. He is very visual, as his social media arms demonstrate. And the faboosh NYC crib in which he and Rocha once resided? Yeah, he decorated that. Dude apparently has some mad skillz.

So while we are well aware of the fact that Rocha is a stunning supermodel, what about the man to whom she has been happily wed for four-plus years?

Let's get to know Mr. James Edward Conran, shall we? Let's get one thing out of the way first: He's not the director of Titanic or Avatar, as his IG bio states. But for those keeping score at home, that helmer is James Cameron. Mr. Coco Rocha has such cheeky British humor, right?

Here's the critical intel on J. Conran, husband of Coco Rocha.

1. He Is Quite The Interior Decorator

He is/was a de facto interior decorator, having designed her Flatiron crib when they first got together. "Not long after we first met, I came over to his place and I loved the way he had designed and put it together so I asked him if he would help me with my new apartment. I'd just moved into this two-bedroom and I really didn't have much to decorate with, other than a few pieces of Ikea furniture, so I told him to go buy what he thought I needed and do whatever he wanted to make my place as cool as his place," Rocha said in an interview with

Conran admitted, "I'd never done interior design before, my background was in murals and art but it was an interesting project." He also concurred, "I love that I got paid to do the interior design and then I married the girl and moved in. That’s a good deal."

2. He Really, Really Loves His Wife

I know, I know. Foregone conclusion, right? But seriously, he calls himself "the world's foremost Coco Rocha fan and expert" in his Twitter bio. Pretty stinkin' cute. He clearly loves his wife and well, he should. Look at her.

3. He Is Super Visual

His Tumblr is like a scrapbook of his and Rocha's beautiful life. He is also self-taught photographer and a graphic designer with a fantastic eye.

4. He Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Conran appears to have a funny sense of humor, noting that husbands know their place in the fashion and modeling world.

5. He Runs The Coco Rocha Digital Empire

Conran has put his wife's career first for now, putting aside his mural painting career to manage her digital empire. It was he who suggested she amplify her online profile in order to boost awareness. "Sometimes it's fun, but it can get mundane, too," he once said about his gig managing her socials while following his own career path as a muralist. "For a while, I was trying to do both, but I was getting exhausted and irritable…If we weren’t together, I probably would've burned out and went home by now." However, he said he can always paint and is happy to boost Rocha's career first and right now, since it's more timely. Now, that's love.

Images: James Conran/Instagram