Matt Damon Supporting Ben Affleck as Batman Will Never Not Be Adorable

I'm tempted to just post what Matt Damon said about Ben Affleck as Batman — Batfleck! — and then follow it up with a resounding "awwwwwwwww" plus GIFs of cute puppies rolling around, but that wouldn't be very journalistic of me. So, here are all the details instead: In a new interview with the Times of India, Damon commented on the backlash surrounding the Batfleck casting, and defended his Boston bro like any good bestie should:

So, a little bit of a jab at Batman there, but still, that comment is sweet enough to melt my cold, dead heart and that doesn't happen often. Maybe Damon can coax Batman to speak more if he joins the cast of Man of Steel 2 as, say, Robin?

DO IT ANYWAY. It might be stunt casting, but COME ON, Ben and Matt have a good track record when it comes to appearing in movies together. And, y'know, they're basically already Batman and Robin, anyway: