What China And America Agree and Disagree On: Hacking, Climate Change & North Korea

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If China and America were on Facebook–well, if China used Facebook at all–then they'd be "in a relationship, and it's complicated." Not enemies, but not quite friends, the kinship between the two superpowers has been described as the most important of the 21st century. Though the Obama administration has faced pressure to make nice with China so that the two superpowers can work together on global issues, the countries' strained history, international disagreements, and accusations of hacking from both sides has put a spanner in the works. In early June, President Obama met with Chinese president Xi Jinping to hash out their issues. The talks were called considered "the most important meeting between an American president and a Chinese leader in 40 years." But what was decided? Here, a cheat-sheet of the major agreements and disagreements between the two powers. [Image: Getty Images]

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