Tom Haverford Wants to Hang Out with Her

Of course, the biggest news with Blake Lively at the moment is that she and husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first baby. But with perfect comedic timing, Aziz Ansari brought the actress up for a completely different reason on Monday. On the Howard Stern Show, Aziz Ansari talked about how Blake Lively doesn't return his texts. The two actors exchanged phone numbers a couple years ago and the comedian tried his hardest strike up a friendship. During the interview Ansari read the texts out loud. Most of them got no response — such as, "Next time you're in the city, let's get delicious food" — but his story was still pretty entertaining. At one point he even got desperate enough to text her saying, "Hopefully this is your number?"

Two and half years after his last attempt at a text conversation he sent one last message live during the Howard Stern Show: "Read these messages on Howard. Hope that's cool. Doubt you will respond to this." He then remarked, "It went blue, so it must still be her number." So sad. As random as it sounds, they would be so interesting as a celebrity BFF pair. She really should text him back. There are plenty of reasons why Lively and Ansari would make good friends.

The Height Difference

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Blake Lively could be a supermodel standing at a tall 5' 10" and Aziz Ansari gets a lot of flack for his short stature coming in at 5' 6" tall. She could help him reach items on the top shelf of any cabinet, and he can fit into small places if need be. If Lively were to drop the TV remote behind the couch, he could easily get it for her.

The Constant Laughs

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Aziz can entertain Blake Lively and her future baby with a plethora of jokes. While she can reinforce his positive self esteem by laughing. Win-win.

The Lifestyle Advice

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Lively can provide Ansari with advice on cooking nutritious meals and buying beauty products with the knowledge she has acquired to run her lifestyle website, Preserve. He can reciprocate by taste testing new recipes and being a soundboard for ideas. Plus, Ansari is a foodie himself — he had a web series about restaurants called "Food Club."

The Obama Love

Blake Lively appeared in 2008 commercial supporting Barack Obama's presidency. Aziz Ansari met the president and performed at an Obama fundraiser — he has even joked about it before. Maybe Ansari can introduce the Obama and Lively? I'm sure they have a lot to discuss with his presidency coming to an end and her being able to relate considering Gossip Girl's six season run. Barack definitely DVRs CW television shows.

The Dogs

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This one's a loose connection... but the two can talk about dogs! Lively has a crossbreed Maltese/Poodle dog as a pet and Ansari is the subject of an infamous Tumblr page called "Dogs that Look like Tom Haverford" based on his character on Parks and Recreation. Who doesn't like talking about dogs? This topic could be a good start for further conversation.

The Philanthropy

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Both stars have been known to have a big heart by getting involved with various charity initiatives. Aziz Ansari has worked with Oxfam America and The One Fund, and has volunteered his time by putting on comedic performances that benefit charities. Blake Lively skipped the Academy Awards in 2013 to visit a hospital in Canada with her husband. Ansari and Lively could combine their resources to put on a great philanthropy event that would both entertain and benefit a lot of people.

This pairing might seem a little random, but I find that the best things in life don't always make the most sense. Lively and Ansari would make such great friends in an "opposites attract" type of way. I'm just hoping that she texts him back after his message during the Howard Stern interview.

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