19 Crazy Kim Kardashian Style Moments To Remind Us Why We Love Seeing Her On The Red Carpet

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Whether you adore her eccentric antics or wish the world would miraculously forget its obsession with her, there is one point everyone can agree upon when it comes to Kim Kardashian: She adores taking fashion risks. The Kardashians may not be renowned for their composure or decorum, but Kim leads the rest of her family in dressing the part of the prima donna, whether suited up in a cream tuxedo jacket or bearing her bust in a corseted top. Who else would continue to wear Herve Leger bandage dresses and platforms heels well into her third trimester of pregnancy, after all? Read on for Kim Kardashian's most eccentric red carpet looks, and remember: Even the most celebrated of starlets have their Worst Dressed moments.

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