VS Angels Dress Up For 'Vogue' and Talk Confidence

Victoria's Secret Angels obviously have bangin' bods, but it turns out they seem like pretty cool people, too. In a video from British Vogue, three of the lingerie brand's most familiar faces shared what they thought about confidence, aging, and fashion (while modeling some ah-mazing couture for the magazine's November issue and being shot by none other than Patrick Demarchelier.) And you know what? I liked Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, and Adriana Lima more than I thought I would.

I've always paid attention to models' faces and often their names, but I never really take note of interviews with them -- for someone who's captivated by the industry, it never occurs to me to seek out what these women actually have to say. And now that I've had a little taste, these three international supermodels actually seem like they're -- dare I say it -- fairly down-to-earth. (Well, at least as much as you can be when the world, men and women alike, idolizes you.)

One sentiment that echoed through all of the girls' comments: confidence is key. "Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, we’re obviously in lingerie a lot, me, it's about your inner confidence," says Aldridge. "Because if you’re not comfortable and confident in yourself, there’s no way you can get it on the catwalk."

Swanepoel adds: "I’m very quiet, but when I’m working I’m not as shy because I’ve created my alter ego." (Think she calls herself Beyonce Pad Thai?) "I don't think you can be a Victoria’s Secret Angel if you’re not comfortable with your body."

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And even though the ladies' images are a big part of their jobs, if there's one thing 33-year-old Lima isn't afraid of, it's getting older. "I think it's a beautiful time for a woman, [after you turn 30,]" she says. "I'm not afraid at all. I'm happy. Yes, your body changes, but honestly, that’s not really important for me."

Preach, Adriana. Not only is she real about the joys and downsides of getting older, she's straight-up about what life is really like after the glitter's washed off and the lights go down.

"People assume that we’re divas and we walk [around] the house in beautiful makeup and hair and heels and that's all we do, all day long. And it's like, no.... For me, I go back home and I have two kids, and I'm a mom. I cook. I have bad hair days, I have bad skin days. I don’t dress up that much [when I'm not working.]"

But then again, you can't blame 'em for having fun playing dress-up sometimes: "Today, we get to play with fashion and be girly, have fun and create these iconic images," says Swanepoel.

And I have to say, after getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the glamorous shoot, I'd really like to get my hands on a copy of British Vogue's November issue. Any London readers wanna help a sister out?

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Images: Instagram @britishvogue; @angelcandices