This morning everyone woke up knowing (hopefully) that it was a Monday, possibly even knowing that it's October 6th, and most definitely heard within the first half of the day that Blake Lively is pregnant. But was anyone cognizant that today is the start of Los Angeles fashion week? Oh, you thought fashion month was over? That's what I thought.

Los Angeles fashion week starts this week, and honestly, no one seems to know or care about it. But it has been six years since fashion week came to the California city, and for some reason, it's just not catching on. It's a little bizarre, given that Hollywood houses more celebrities than London, Paris, and Milan combined, I'm sure, but even that kind of star wattage isn't enough to power up the fledgling fashion week. There is a chance that this could all change soon, as Tom Ford just announced he will be showing his collection in LA in February, but technically LA fashion week isn't until March, so even Tom Ford is avoiding the inferior fashion showcase. So what gives? Here are a few possible reasons why LA fashion week is just kind of irrelevant.

1. The Constant Sunshine

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Katy Perry was right about something, California is all about the cut-offs and bikini tops. In a city where it's consistently 70 degrees year round, it's difficult to be inspired by fashion. Fur, chunky sweaters, over-the-knee boots, Burberry capes — forget it. LA doesn't lend itself to the versatility of high fashion.

2. The Driving

LA is simply too big, and too jam-packed with traffic. Public transportation sucks. It's too difficult to get around from show to show. People are over it.

3. The Stigma

Fashion is big on “the indie”, the undiscovered, going against the traditional, and what’s more unoriginal than the entertainment capital of the world? Groundbreaking.

4. There's Nothing To Do

Outside of going to the beach (and sitting in an hour+ of traffic to do so), there really isn't much to do. You can't picnic by the Seine, or walk the cobblestone backstreets of Milan, or spend an afternoon at The Met. The fashion crowd would just be bored, and without these seemingly intellectual activities, there's no great opportunities for street style shots. Duh.

5. Everyone Already Lives There

Part of the allure of fashion week is the travel to an exotic location, but since most of the celebrities live in LA, it's just kind of anti-climatic.

6. But No One In Fashion Lives There

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Most major designers are headquartered in New York or Europe, and I'd imagine they plan to stay so because it's so rooted in the brand's tradition. Traveling so far to put on a runway show is just plain inconvenient for the designer. And really, could you imagine a Burberry without London, or a Chanel without Paris?

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