11 Apple Cider Cocktails For Your Fall Drinking Pleasure, Because Everything Tastes Better With Alcohol

So you actually made it to the apple orchard this year, and now you have three buckets full of crisp fall goodness just waiting to be used. Sure, you could bake those babies into warm apple pies, whip up a tart crisp, or make enough apple cinnamon muffins to last you a lifetime, or you could choose to go the apple cider route… the apple cider cocktail route, that is.

Apple cider — there’s just no better way to embrace the fall. Whether chilled with ice cubes or warmed up on a stovetop, a good apple cider is hard to beat. Sweet and spicy makes for a perfect combination of flavors, and the sugar boost you get from cider doesn't hurt either. Toss in a little booze, and you're in heaven. Sweet, apple heaven.

Here are 11 apple cider cocktail recipes to suit your every boozy need. Ranging from classic mulled cider to sparkling sangrias and spiked apple floats, don't blame me if you're drooling by the time you get through this list. It’s time to bring on that tasty apple goodness.

Image: Back to Her Roots

by Chelsey Grasso

Spiked Apple Cider Float

A Beautiful Mess came up with this spiked apple cider float, made with vanilla ice cream and maple rye whiskey. This masterpiece almost renders me speechless. This is what genius looks (and tastes) like.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Cranberry Apple Cider Cocktail

Cranberry and apple… an always reliable flavor match. Jelly Toast Blog’s cranberry apple cider cocktail proves just that.

Image: Jelly Toast Blog

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

It’s apple cider… it’s sangria… and it’s sparkling! Nothing looks more delectable than this sparkling apple cider recipe by The Kitchn.

Image: The Kitchn

Ginger-Appley Hot Toddy

Bring out the bourbon, because it’s time to make a Ginger-Appley Hot Toddy with A Cozy Kitchen’s spice-filled recipe. As an added bonus, this drink’s ingredients actually sound moderately healthy.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Hot Apple Butter Spiced Rum

Radical Possibility’s hot apple butter spiced rum sounds like a rich cup of comfort. The butter-based cocktail is original and mouth-watering.

Image: Radical Possibility

Apple Cider Margaritas

Apples and tequila? Um, hell yes. Topped off with a cinnamon and sugar glass rim? Double hell yes. This apple cider margarita by How Sweet It Is is as food-gasmic as it gets.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Apple Cider Shandy

Back to Her Roots’ apple cider shandy is super simple, super delicious, and it only requires three ingredients — and one of those is pumpkin beer! I don’t use this expression lightly: amazeballs.

Image: Back to Her Roots

Smoky Mulled Cider with Chipotle & Scotch

For you sophisticated drinkers, how about a smoky mulled cider with chipotle & scotch? This recipe courtesy of Food and Style has a hot little kick to it that any scotch-lover is sure to enjoy.

Image: Food and Style

Cider Sangria

Everybody loves sangria, right? Tori Avey’s cider sangria can turn a hater into a believer. Delish.

Image: Tori Avey

Sweet Cider Cocktail

Anything that combines whiskey and apple brandy is OK in my book — which is why this sweet cider cocktail recipe by Big Girls Small Kitchen is basically the best thing ever.

Image: Big Girls Small Kitchen

Spiced Apple Cider

Savory Sweet Life takes it back to the basics with this simple, rum-infused spiced apple cider recipe, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Sometimes, it’s best to stick with simplicity.

Image: Savory Sweet Life