Will They Survive 'Originals' Season 2?

For everyone that felt so uncomfortable in Elijah's silence tonight, just know you're not alone. As much as it breaks my heart to see Hayley suffer the aftermath of losing her daughter and becoming a hybrid, it hurts even more to see Elijah powerless to help her. Especially after how fiercely he protected her in Season 1. On Monday night, The Originals Season 2 premiere, "Rebirth," separated Haylijah, but there's no reason to worry because Elijah letting go will bring them right back together in due time. Even if Klaus is the only being that can help her through this dark patch.

I've been fearing this moment for awhile now, but I didn't expect The Originals to take off running in its Season 2 premiere and throw it at me right away. The Season 2 premiere took care of the moonlight ring problem and the Guerrera wolves problem and even had Hayley kill Francesca. So, basically, this series is taking no prisoners and wasting no time with storylines that have run their course. And, unfortunately, the changed relationship between Hayley and Elijah fell under The Originals' ruthlessness on Monday.

It was uncomfortable, to say the least. The CW series did its best to make Elijah look incompetent in helping Hayley with her grief by taking apart Hope's crib without her consent and standing, silently, while Hayley vulnerably revealed all of her feelings to him. She killed Francesca, she got revenge for the plot against her daughter's life and the death of her wolf family, but she still felt empty and like a monster. And while Hayley said all of these things and told Elijah that things have changed between them and he can't deny it, Elijah just stood there completely silent. A silence that spoke volumes about what's going to happen with their relationship.

Obviously Elijah knows Hayley's grief — he was the one who believed in her, believed in this baby, and he might not have been the father, but he feels the grief of losing her after how much devotion he showed Hayley during the pregnancy. Heck, he understands Klaus and his hybrid nature better than anyone else as well and yet he still remained silent as Hayley furiously tore herself to shreds. So, what does this mean?

Elijah made the right decision in passing Hayley off to Klaus for her intervention. She's hellbent on keeping a sizable difference between them and because Elijah knows her so well, he knew that she needed to hear encouragement from Klaus and get his help at this time. Instead of trying to force his love and devotion on her, he's giving her the space and the tools she needs to overcome her grief and come out on the other side. And at that point, they're going to get back together. Because Hayley will realize that he made this sacrifice for her.

I was initially disappointed to see Elijah "give up" so soon in Season 2, but it's obvious that things are escalating and changing quickly on The Originals. So, the sooner he lets her go to heal, the sooner they'll be back together. Take comfort, Haylijah fans, because your moment is coming, probably sooner than you think.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; daniel-gillies, leveraged-buyout/Tumblr