Which 'NSYNC Member Is Most Ready for a Comeback? We Rank Their Chances

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We saw them (briefly) strut their stuff at the VMAs, and now we can't stop talking about them. It's like that little hand movement they do during the chorus of "Bye, Bye, Bye" awakened some latent part of our adolescent souls and left us with some strange nostalgia for ramen hair and oversized overalls. It can't be helped. It can be soothed, however, by the fact that the recent PR boost for the boys has left a ton of people talking about the possibilities — not for a full-blown reunion (break it to your 1999 'NSYNC poster gently), but for some of the individual members of the band to start contemplating comebacks.

We rank who in the group's most likely to try to claw his way back to the top — or at least the middle.

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