Politicians Vs. The Actors Who Played Them In Blockbuster Movies — PHOTOS

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Playing a real-life figure might seem like an easy job — all you have to do is mimic, right? — but for these actors who played real-life politicians, it was no small feat. In fact, to bring a nonfictional or historical person to life is actually anything but easy. Not only does the actor have to depict the person authentically, which prompts extra scrutiny since the public is already so familiar with these figures, the actor also needs to recreate them in a new way, revealing new aspects of these well-known individuals that the world hasn't seen. Still sound easy? We didn't think so.So let's take a moment for these 12 actors — most of whom played their political characters so tremendously you forget that you're watching a performance. A few of the bunch, however, are testaments to just how difficult a task playing a politician can be (sorry to call you out, Katie Holmes, but seriously). Want even further proof of how impressive depicting a politician accurately can be? The majority of these guys were either been nominated or won Academy Awards or Golden Globes for their performances. Maybe there is something to the theory that if you want to win a golden statue, play a real person...

Image: Lionsgate; Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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