Robert Downey, Jr. Will Forever Be Our Favorite

by Almie Rose

Reddit is best known for being a place where one can easily spiral into a never-ending black hole of videos, pictures, and every shade of offensive subculture known to exist. If Reddit is known for a second thing, it's hosting dearly beloved "ask me anything" sessions with celebrities. Yesterday, the celebrity up to the AMA plate was perennial charmer Robert Downey, Jr. He did not disappoint (does he ever?)

Below are 5 of the best gems from yesterday's chat sesh with the star:

Don't Burn Out


"Hey Mr. Downey Jr! I am a big fan of yours, and really loved your roles in Iron Man And the Avengers, as well as Tropic thunder, of course. Other than asking for an autograph, which I'd totally love, I wanted to ask you how you deal with stress, and what are good ways to prevent stressful situations? Thank you very much for doing this AMA, and I hope you have a great day, sir."


"It's important to remember to eat, catch yourself when you're getting irritable, recognize when you're feeling lonely, and not burn out when you're tired."

Give Good Face


"How is it that your facial hair is always on point?"



Excellent question.

It started with the first Iron Man: a guy named Pedro from Shave of Beverly Hills. I mean, this guy's an artist. He's like the Edward Scissorhands of Mustaches and Beards. And then, once you set a standard, it's all about upkeep and modulating it. It tends to be a lot of work, but I'm glad you appreciate it."

It's awkward because he's sober


"If you were to appear on Comedy Central's Drunk History, what historical person would you talk about?"


"Excellent question.

Probably our hemp-headed forefathers. I guess they'd be called Founding Fathers. I'm pretty sure Jefferson grew a bunch of weed..."

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


"Thank you for making kiss kiss bang bang. Very underrated. What's your favorite story about making that film?"


"It was entirely shot at night. We were pretty giddy most of the time. I saw it last week by chance, and had a flood of fond memories. On the first day of shooting, Val Kilmer (genius) almost choked to death on a piece of catering chicken right before we shot the first scene of the movie. His eyes were still watering until we got to his close up.

I'm so happy he's still with us."

Captain Aww-merica


"Being such a big star I imagine that you get many people asking for autographs etc. I was wondering what is the strangest or most memorable fan encounter that you've had?"


"I love running into kids who didn't expect to see me. I once ran into a four year old who just happened to be wearing a Captain America mask at the time. It seemed natural to him, being that he was Cap, to see some of his friends around. I think I was more excited than him.

For the most part, autograph collectors are pretty cool, and when they're weird, you just try to forget them."


Robert Downey Jr. says his rapper name would be R2D2. This is a very essential thing for all of us to know, and now we do.

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