Ebola Patients Should Be Executed, Tweets Former GOP Leader Todd Kincannon, Because It's Just Math

The GOP is no stranger to incendiary remarks, especially in the Twitterverse. But even among Republicans, one man stands out among the rest as the master of horrible tweets — ladies and gentlemen, meet former South Carolina GOP director Todd Kincannon, who literally wants to execute Ebola patients. In not one, not two, but a series of at least nine separate tweets, Kincannon unleashed his rage on the terrible disease and expressed his sincerest hopes that all of its victims be immediately put to death. As a quick aside, let it be known that Todd Kincannon is vehemently pro-life.

In his remarkably ill-conceived Twitter rant, Kincannon suggested that American patients with Ebola be "put down immediately," sort of like an aging dog. Because apparently here in the United States, when we can't cure you, we just kill you. "Immediate humane execution" is Kincannon's method of choice for dealing with the virus, and insists that this method of containment makes most sense because math. No really he says that — "that's just math." According to Kincannon, the only disease more deadly than Ebola is compassion, which he apparently has none of whatsoever. Kincannon also believes that Wendy Davis' vagina would be a suitable antidote to Ebola, which is as confusing as it is offensive. Oh, and one last thing — the people of Africa with Ebola have brought this upon themselves.

These are the people running the Grand Old Party, my friends. Take a long, hard look.

Here are Kincannon's tweets in all their glory.

This, bizarrely, is the same logic that Kincannon rails against when it comes to talk of abortion. You know, sacrificing one life to save another. When it comes to executions, it doesn't seem like these Ebola victims have much choice either.

This may be true in Africa, where poor infrastructure and insufficient sanitation measures are compounding the problem. But in the United States, no healthcare personnel have yet reported signs of infection after treating the five patients who have made it back into the country.

Come on, guys — killing sick patients is just math!

Interestingly enough, the basis of modern integral calculus was actually developed in Egypt, which is part of Africa.

"Compassion is a killer" would sound great on a Hallmark card for this holiday season.

I am truly afraid.

Shockingly enough, this isn't even the first time Kincannon has created controversy on Twitter. There was that time last year when he tweeted that he wished that an Iraq war vet came home in a body bag. He followed that up with "I hope if that guy is ever in combat again, the enemy splatters his brains JFK-style. He deserves it."

Oh, then there was that other time during the 2013 Super Bowl when he tweeted, "It hasn't been this dark in the Superdome since all those poors occupied it after Hurricane Katrina."

There was also that time when he tweeted, "There are people who respect transgender rights. And there are people who think you should all be put in a camp. That's me." This was followed by "The only things I hate these days are commies, trannies, and most Muslims."

Oh, Todd. Of course, aside from being a terribly racist, bigoted, backwards asshole, Kincannon is also very, very good at playing the game and getting attention — see current article for proof. So really, the best defense, or offense really, against Todd Kincannon's lunacy is to ignore him, as painful and difficult as that may be.

Images: Todd__Kincannon/Twitter