Lamar's Put the Kardashian's in Krisis Mode

If you're having trouble keeping up with the Kardashian krisis of 2013, don't worry — it's a confusing story to follow, and none of it has really been Kardashian-konfirmed, so there's no telling exactly what's real and what's fake. But here's the gist in the media so far: Apparently, Lamar Odom allegedly has a drug problem, and the Kardashians — particularly his wife Khloe — are trying to help him get clean and "save" him.

First off, let's take a look at what TMZ has been reporting: they're reporting that Khloe wasted no time kicking Lamar out of the house when she found out he was addicted to crack cocaine, but hasn't been seeking divorce or separation because she truly wants to help him get better so they can work on their marriage. More recently, they've said that Lamar is back home, and "listening to reason" in regard to his issues.

Reports from the New York Daily News are similar, but there's an added twist to the events: According to them, Kris Jenner disagrees with Khloe's decision not seek a dissolution of her marriage, and had an "emergency two-hour meeting" with L.A. divorce attorney Laura Wasser, the woman who handled Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries, to discuss Khloe's options. From the story:

Kris Jenner, Kourtney and Kim have met with Khloe and encouraged her to dump Odom, telling her she can’t live with a drug addict and that the marriage is beyond repair and “can’t be saved.”

We hear Khloe is in denial and still believes the marriage can work, provided Odom gets clean.

“She is in love and does not want a divorce,” another source close to the family says.

The NYDN also reports that for a story this huge about Lamar to break on a site like TMZ, it "had to come out of the Kardashian kompound"—meaning, someone on the inside talked to the press:

“Lamar’s been heavily into drugs for more than eight months,” a third source tells us, adding that for TMZ to break a story that serious, it had to come from somewhere inside the Kardashian Kompound.

“It’s likely sanctioned by the Kardashians to publicly shame Lamar,” said the source. “They’ve destroyed his career. Now Kris wants him out of the family.”

For the record, Khloe is denying any marital troubles, and posted the following on her Twitter a few days ago:

Finally—and perhaps the most disturbing—is the tidbit Jezebel added today. In a post with an accompanying clip, they theorize that Lamar's strange behavior in recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians might indicate that he was high on crack cocaine during filming. Jezebel writes:

Honestly, when these scenes first aired, I thought Lamar was probably just stoned; he'd been suspended from the Clippers in 2001 for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy twice in eight months after admitting that he'd smoked marijuana, so it's not impossible. Typically Lamar has been a pretty stable on-camera presence, but here he seems out of it — slurring over Khloe's affections and making fart noises for no apparent reason. Yes, this could be piss-poor editing. But the behavior isn't like anything we'd normally see from him.

It's a good point: Lamar has never acted as weird as he has been lately, and if parts of this story were in fact untrue, the Kardashians would be suing the shit out of TMZ as we speak. There may be no official konfirmation from anyone in the family, but, in this case, it's their lack of legal action that says much more than their half-hearted attempts at denial ever will.

Now, let's just hope that the the family proves some semblance of decency, and doesn't turn this into a plotline for next season of KUWTK.