Why Cloves Are More Than Just A Yummy Spice

During one of my many failed attempts to quit smoking, I got the not-so bright idea to replace my Marlboro Golds with clove cigarettes. The scent made me nostalgic for a time where I hung out at Newbury Comics in fishnets, spending all my money on punk albums because I didn't have rent to pay; a simpler time where boys and music were the only thing that mattered. To justify my new, week-long addiction to cloves, I had to do some research and found this: Cloves are good for our internal AND external bods.

One thing became very clear to me through my findings, and had it not been for my blatant denial I would've seen it clearly on day one — clove cigarettes are not healthy. In fact, they are actually one of the least cool things I've done in my life. During that week, several strangers approached me to ask me in disbelief if I was smoking a clove cigarette. So, I ditched the clove cigarettes for another quitting method, but I definitely wasn't about to have cloves out of my life forever. No way, clove essential oil and cloves are now a permanent resident in my medicine cabinet.

Cloves are not just known for targeting teenage goths, they are a popular spice that's been used as a natural remedy for medicinal and beauty purposes for centuries — as long as you don't smoke the stuff, they're actually pretty good for you. Due to the stimulating, antimicrobial, and antiseptic qualities of this evergreen, cloves are astonishingly great for acne-prone babes and have a long list of remedies under their belt that we all could benefit from. Cloves are a popular aphrodisiac used to alleviate stress, enhance sexy time, AND prevent premature ejaculation. Not many OTC products can claim to improve your skin and your sex life at the same time.

These buds contain vitamin A and C with serious antibacterial and antiviral properties that help protect our hair and skin from outside pollutants that cause damage. Next time you think of leaving a clove behind in your Hot Toddy, think again. These buds aren't just a garnish.

Check out some of my preferred clove methods below. Of course, just like most homeopathic remedies, these aren't a sure thing for everyone, but I'm loving cloves and putting a personal stamp of approval on them.

Oral Health

This is by far one of the more trendy uses of clove oil. Cloves contain calcium, which is essential for healthy, shiny teeth. Plus, it doesn't hurt that cloves can perk up bad breath and alleviate painful toothaches. Add fresh cloves to boiling water for an all-natural, alcohol-free mouthwash.


The highly antiseptic qualities of cloves are known to heal cuts, wounds, and bruising. Cloves are good for blood circulation; this essential oil is ideal for those unsightly bruises that can occur from maneuvering your way through a crowded concert or uncomfortable heels.

Treat Stye's

Recently, for the first time in many years, I fell asleep with my contacts in. As soon as my eyes opened I immediately felt the tenderness above my eye and quickly began a world of natural remedies. A mixture of tea tree and clove oil diluted with cold water did the trick: That sucker was gone within 12 hours. In this case, the antiseptic and antibacterial properties are crucial because a stye is caused by bacteria, so thoroughly cleaning the target area is crucial.

Hormonal Acne

I've found that adding clove oil to my cleanser (a raw honey based recipe) during the throes of PMS zaps my pimples BEFORE my period ends. There is nothing worse than finally having my life back after my period only to still be plagued with pimples from hormonal acne.

Thickening Hair

Cloves are super hair-friendly — fresh buds can naturally enhance hair color while thickening weak, thin strands. That's why companies like Aveda are already starting to include this spice in their hair products. Combine olive oil and clove essential oil to promote fuller locks.

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