Lady Gaga Occasionally Looks Normal: Why Is Everyone So Happy About It?

It's been a while since Lady Gaga made headlines, but I'm finding it so disappointing that the only reason she's making them now is for dressing "normal." She went out in *gasp* black shorts and a t-shirt for a day in NYC and SHOCKINGLY stuck to the bridesmaid dress code at her best friend's wedding in Mexico. So now everyone is saying how she looks so much better and wow, we didn't know she could dress down, bla bla bla, and it feels disingenuous as hell.

Like, c'mon guys, we might not have wanted to wear the meat dress (okay, we wouldn't have touched the meat dress with a ten foot pole) or the weird face implant-y triangle things, but we were kinda impressed that Gaga had the cojones to. If I've learned anything from Fashion Week, it's that people on the cutting edge of fashion look more like aliens swathed in space ship materials than glamazons. Gaga has earned her place amongst the fashion elite, and her dressing casually shouldn't be seen as a cause of wonder and relief. Alexander McQueen's fashion house is famous for being a maverick (it's even one of Gaga's favorite labels) but it doesn't exactly put out button-downs and mom jeans. The label makes stuff like the dresses pictured below, and no one gives it grief for not keeping it casual and designing muumuus instead.

The freaks lead the way, and that's kinda the cool bit. If we really wanted to look at a pop star who wore jean shorts and t-shirts all the time, the entire world would be Taylor Swift fans. Gaga is cool because she just doesn't give a fuck, and she's going to look fierce whether she's swathed in steak, covered in bubbles, or wearing triangle-y things on her face. Why is it celebratory or newsworthy that on two specific occasions she went out looking like a regular Joe Shmo?

Gaga runs her own fashion label but, seriously, we all get home at the end of the day and take off our bubble dresses, its no big deal. Gaga is gonna be Gaga, chandelier-looking pantsuits or black shorts aside, and given that she's put so much into her work, maybe we should just love her for who she is, Mother Monster. Oh yeah, and also that chick who wore a dress made out of meat.