16 Kim Kardashian Look-Alikes Because This Is a Trend That Just Won't Stop — PHOTOS

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The latest person to be dubbed Kim Kardashian's twin by the media is Mariana Hewitt, who was photographed with Michael Strahan on Monday. This is hardly the first time a quasi-normal has made headlines for looking like Kardashian. Who could forget the British Kim Kardashian look-alike who went into debt to look like the reality star? How about the infamous Old Navy Kim Kardashian, or the alleged Mexican drug cartel boss who bore a striking Kim-semblance?

Really though, it seems like every other person with brown hair, cat-eye makeup, and a penchant for selfies draws a Kim komparison. Here are 16 Kim Kardashian look-alikes who have garnered attention for kinda, sorta looking like Kimye's female half.

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