12 Celebrity Foodies You Need to Follow on Instagram — PHOTOS

Celebrities are humans too. They have to eat like you and me, but lucky for them, their dinners might not be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the fourth night in a row. (I'm not ashamed!) No, instead, they can wine and dine in the best places or even have the time to make something special themselves. So, as I scour Instagram for food porn — as I know we are all wont to do when we've been living off of PB&J and our imaginations for a few days — I've stumbled on some celebrity favorites. It's always nice to see that they're using their star power for good... or at least for tasty treats. Click through to see which celeb foodies you should be following on Instagram.

Image: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

by Georgette Eva

Chrissy Teigen

There’s a reason why model Chrissy Teigen is writing a cookbook. The "All of Me" muse is a regular culinary know-it-all and if she’s not sharing model-esque poses on her Instagram, she’s cooking up a storm. Really, from a rack of lamb with rosemary to roasted chicken and potatoes, there are so many mouthwatering dishes to choose from. (As a bonus, sometimes John Legend is featured too.)

Image: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Aziz Ansari

I have this idea for website called Eat Like Aziz. It’s sort of like Seamless, except the only menu options are from comedian Aziz Ansari’s Instagram. Granted, it’s impossible as this gourmand is kinda international now — yes, I stalked his Parisian eats — but it’s a good idea once we master teleportation.

Image: Aziz Ansari/Instagram

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a true little old lady at heart. Not only does she embroider, watercolor, knit, and live with cats, but she’s a baker to the bone. She shares some of her baked goods, like these sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing, on her account. She must’ve picked up some tricks from Ina Garten, when she baked with the Barefoot Contessa earlier this year.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram


Oprah is eating red pepper soup with Stedman, enjoying life, and being all autumnal-y. Her Instagram is full of her awesome life — making coconut French toast in the morning, picking bouquets of luscious flowers, and harvesting vegetables from her garden. I want Oprah’s life so bad.

Image: Oprah/Instagram


Singer Kelis, best known in my heart for bring all the boys to the yard with her “Milkshake,” loves food so much that her 2014 album is called Food with a song called ”Jerk Ribs.” She even had that stint at a cooking show called Saucy and Sweet, so it’s no surprise that she’s a serious foodie on Instagram.

Image: Kelis/Instagram

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris’s Instagram is full of adorable pics of his kids and his puppies, Watson and Fred. Second to those are his amazing dishes, some of which hubby David Burka cooks for him, like this sandwich. Apparently, NPH just asked for a simple sandwich and this is what Burka considers simple. Lucky bastard.

Image: Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s Instagram is a regular Pinterest magnet, because along with fresh flowers and crafts, you’ll get some beautiful basic dishes like roasted potatoes or even this fancy pizza and wine combo. Apparently, this is her "post wedding diet." Amen, sister.

Image: Lauren Conrad/Instagram

Rachel Roy

You’ll find the usual fashion designer fair on Rachel Roy’s Instagram, from the selfies of her rocking glorious outfits, to her kids hanging out by the pool and bunches of bouquets just because. You’ll also find food, because Roy is a true foodie at heart and will take pics of her meals like they’re the gorgeous concoctions on dress forms.

Image: Rachel Roy/Instagram

Ali Larter

Actress Ali Larter, who will always be the fitness guru Elle Woods represented in Legally Blonde to me, cooks a lot. I mean a lot a lot. Her Instagram is filled with baked goods from cakes to cookies to crumbles, and she takes pictures of fresh produce. It makes sense seeing as she’s a pro with a cookbook under her belt and apparently a cooking obsession.

Image: Ali Larter/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenney Frankel, founder of Skinny Girls Cocktails and former Real Housewife of New York, is a healthy foodie. She makes her own flatbread pizzas and greens and shares them — along with pics of her pup Cookiedabooboo — on her Instagram account.

Image: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Lea Michele

While Rachel Berry might be a relative rookie New Yorker, there aren’t the typical cream cheesed bagels or cronuts on Glee star Lea Michele’s Instagram. She takes pics of stacked salads and healthy, filling meals like avocados and toast. It’s that or her hiking trips, mic checks, and red carpet preparations for her Instagram.

Image: Lea Michele/Instagram

Zac Posen

It isn’t bad enough that Project Runway judge and fashion designer Zac Posen’s Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes shots with Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia and that he creates beautiful ball gowns for a living. Nope, he also cooks, and his Instagram is filled with pictures of fresh ingredients, preserves, pastas, and leafy salads. Just check out his hashtag #cookingwithzac to see him at work.

Image: Zac Posen/Instagram