The White House Hosts Fashion Education Workshop, Giving The World Another Reason To Love Michelle Obama

It's time for the creative-minded to rejoice, because the White House has finally taken an interest in those who use their left brain more than their right. Women's Wear Daily has divulged that the White House is hosting a Fashion Education workshop led by none other than ultra-chic First Lady Michelle Obama. The day-long workshop will touch on all facets of design, fashion, and technology, accordingly divided into groups focused on construction, inspiration, entrepreneurship, journalism, and technology. If you're wondering why you didn't receive an invite in the mail, it is because this particular visionary workshop is targeted towards the creative minds of the future (read: 2014's high school students).

Shepherded by the likes of Jason Wu, Reed Krakoff, Diane Von Furstenberg, Thom Browne, and Anna Wintour, students will spend the workshop learning, experimenting, and listening to industry greats who will hopefully encourage the next generation of fashion industry leaders. Pupils will hone their composition skills with regards to fashion, get a handle on the actual assemblage of clothing items, receive advice and anecdotes on how to flourish on the business side of fashion, and of course experiment with the union of fashion and technology.

Understandably, the wearable technology group is taking top billing in the workshop; after all, watches now serve the same functions as phones and a pair of glasses is replacing the need for numerous formerly essential devices. In a statement regarding the necessity of the workshop, the White House explained,

As the lines between technology, product and fashion merge, we will soon be surrounded with technology in everything we wear.

I would argue that a workshop such as this is a long overdue addition to other youth-focused education programs, not just because of the bright future of wearable technology, but also because of the need to recognize fashion as a productive, challenging, and ultimately valuable career path. In other words, Michelle Obama has hit another home run for fashion.