Lemonwood Imprints Emojicards Will Convey Your Thoughts and Feelings In the Most Zeitgeisty Way Possible

Oh, the emoji, that staple of millennial conversations. In what is possibly the greatest irony I've heard today, emojis, which are used in the texts and emails that have largely replaced regular mail, are now being printed on paper for Lemonwood Imprint's emojicards, which are hilarious and adorable and can be bought online. So, in theory, you'd be mailing a card containing a picture you'd normally send through text. This is some Inception-level stuff.How did emojis get to this point? What started out as a Japanese company's bid to keep teens from flocking to a competitor's messaging service in the '90s has now spread into an international phenomenon, seen in everything from your mom's texts to art history memes (you should actually check those out, some are pretty hilarious). According to NPR, emojis started to appear everywhere in 2007, when the Unicode Consortium came along to make sure they look the same on computers as well as phones. In 2011, Apple added the Unicode keyboard to iOS 5, and now they're such a ubiquitous part of texting that Cosmopolitan even ran a guide on how to "decode your man's emojis." You know something is an important part of culture when there are articles on how you're driving your man away by doing it all wrong.

The emoticards themselves, which are $18 for a set of four, are pretty darn cute by the way. The four available at the moment are pictured below. (My personal favorite is the poop emoji. Literally just the poop emoji, looking really excited to exist.)


Stop! Hammer Time.

Turn Down For What?!

Good luck resisting these. No matter how millennial it may make me, I'm already planning on sending the poop one to my sister for her birthday.

Images: Giphy, Francesca Ward/Lemonwood Imprints