Justin Timberlake Stopped Everything to Hang Out With Tween Brain Surgery Survivor, Because That's How Awesome He Is

Sometimes, Justin Timberlake just does something that reminds you of how awesome of a person he is. This week, it's stopping his entire media tour for a while to hang out with 13-year-old fan who is a survivor of a serious brain surgery, who he literally met just moments earlier while heading to a radio show interview in NYC. I have no words other than a resounding "awwww..."

According to TMZ, Timberlake was rushing in to an NYC building when he "crossed paths" with a woman whose 13-year-old daughter, Giana, had undergone brain surgery last year to repair a serious pituitary gland blockage. Timberlake was reportedly "so impressed" by the story that he stopped in his tracks despite his interview, asked if he could meet Giana, then patiently waited outside of the building while Giana's mother went to go get Giana and her brother.

Upon meeting, things got even sweeter: Giana and Justin reportedly talked for a few minutes, a conversation that included Justin asking Giana if she'd watched the VMAs, and Giana telling Justin that he was "the next Michael Jackson" (Justin apparently bowed his head and said "thank you" in response.) Then they took a picture together, under the condition that Giana make it her phone screensaver — she did — before Timberlake hugged her, and wished her well. TMZ has the pictures of Justin's meeting with Giana, which are just as adorable as they sound.

Good news to end a Wednesday afternoon with: Humanity doesn't suck, sometimes.