Which 'Parenthood' Stars Are BFFs in Real Life?

On August 16, we learned that the CW had picked up Parenthood star and new author Lauren Graham's Someday Someday Maybe, a one-hour drama based off the actor's bestselling debut novel. The series, created and produced by Graham and longtime friend Ellen Degeneres, is expected to follow the plot of the book, which followed a 20-something actress with six months left in a three-year deadline to make it on Broadway. As if the news that we'll soon have more Lorelai Gilmore in our lives wasn't good enough, Graham revealed that her Parenthood daughter and real-life best friend Mae Whitman has auditioned to play the lead, and we couldn't be more excited

Other than the fact that Whitman, best known to non-Parenthood fans as Ann/Egg/Her? on Arrested Development, is perfect for the role, we're thrilled that the friendship between (fake) mom and (fake) daughter seems to be as solid as always. Despite a 21 year age gap, Graham and Whitman seemed to have connected almost immediately after Parenthood began, demonstrating their off-screen friendship with regular tweets, Twitpics, Instagrams and more. On the show, their mother-daughter relationship is often rocky, so it gives us the warm and fuzzies to see that in real life, they're as tight as can be. Some highlights of their friendship, just because we love it so much:

1. They give each other gifts:

2. They have inside jokes:

3. They make fun of each other's pasts:

4. They take their Parenthood relationship very seriously:

5. Like, really seriously:

6. And they support each other:

[Image via NBC]